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How do I write my training plan?

Overall youhave a window of training time to take you to your target race.  Say 16 weeks.

You should then break the 16 weeks down to phases- Base, buildup, peaking and race week.

The lengths of each phase will depend on time available till your race and any weakness you have possibly identified from previous performances.

Then its time for the nitty gritty the weekly plan.

I realise the way I do this just wont suit everyone but here is my scheduling routine usually done on a Saturday or Sunday night and remember this comes after you have identified the length of phases so you know what phase you are in!

First off I do it on paper I have a yearly planner spiral bound so I can use the back of the previous weeks plan for notes.

I check the weather forecast for the week and  then lay out my perfect week.

This will generally consist of 3-6 runs depending on race plans and phase.  Three yoga and 1 pilates class.  Three core classes and 2-4 home core/yoga/stretching sessions.  Two resistance sessions and finally 2-4 bike rides.

That’s it my dream week and I manage one of those every 4-6 weeks because people shit happens!  Might not even be your fault one of my local gyms recently had its roof collapse!

Plan your week, execute what you can, don’t cram what you missed into next week!

AND  I always have 1 day off!



Winter base+week 17

With a month to go till Stirling I had decided that a race was in order so packed my gear and drove to 90 or so miles to Aboyne to take part in the Large edition of the Aboyne duathlon.  Based at Aboyne academy and organised by the local council it was a good event and comprised of a 2.7 mile run an 18.5 mile bike and a final run of 2.7 miles.  Well marked and flat course on a sunny day it really was a joy.  It showed me what work I need to do to try and better my Stirling time from last year.

Stats: Bike 49.3 miles in 3h 17 with 1371 ft of climb.

Run 14.2 miles in 2h 8 with 472 ft of climbing.

Winter base+ week 15

Final test week before the start of the final training cycle for Stirling.  With a break booked in York I did the bike test on Monday and finally took my Ridley off the turbo.  Next test will be race day!!


Bike 27.8 miles in 2h with 0 feet of climbing

Run 11.5 miles in 1h58 with 348 ft of climbing.

Results of the final tests were very good with my second best time on the Kirkcaldy park run and an average of 27.7 mph on my bike test.  Four weeks of training to go before the big day with a duathlon in a week to test race fitness.

Winter Base+Week 13

Another good week of training.  Every week I feel stronger and more able to tackle the challenges ahead.  I have come to realise that Base+ is doing more than getting me fit it is improving my overall health.  Let me explain.  Normally at this time of the year I will be fighting off colds, i’ll be sneezing and coughing and be generally run down.  I will have mouth ulcers as a sign of over training and cold sores as my immune system battles against the virus, invariably loosing.

This year I have none of that it’s as if I have stumbled upon a magic formula to good health and fitness.  Of course that is not the case I believe that the Base+ has had a major impact but the combination of rest and nutrition, by that I mean real food not sugar laden gels and sports drinks, have all helped to make this winter a good training block.

This weeks stats:

Bike 96 miles in 8 hours with 2100 ft of climb.  More good turbo work but I also managed to get out for some rides as well.

Run 19 miles in 3h 30m with 642 ft of climb.  An easy week run wise as run hell is next!


Winter base+ week 6

Week 1 cycle 2 a good solid week training with both time targets met and the biking plan absolutely smashed!  Running however did not go so well still a bit of a niggle so speed work was out however I did make up for that by getting out on the trails and on some I had not ran before.  Every cloud has a silver lining!

Bike: 98 miles, 7 hours 875 ft over 5 sessions.  Including 2 turbo int sessions and 1 single leg drills.

Run: 21.5 miles 3h 45m 959 ft of climbing over 4 sessions.

Although I can feel the training taking it’s toll I am certain I am doing the correct thing.  Recently in the press the value of base training has been questioned “Base training is largely unstructured, low-intensity cruising”!

Winter base+ week 5

The fifth week in each cycle serves two purposes first and foremost I undertake my run and bike tests to gauge improvement during the preceding month and secondly to undertake any low intensity skills work I think I require.

Week 5 seemed to come along really quick and I was looking forward to see how my measures had improved.  I felt good the scales were telling me the weight was coming off and the first four weeks of the cycle had gone well.

The bike test showed a marked improvement and confirmed my feeling when I had been on the bike.  Due to a night out I was not going to be able to do my local park run so went down a day early and started to run around the course.  Unfortunately I pulled up due to cramp in my calf.  I did not repeat the test once it’s done it’s done!

Stats for the week:

Bike 61.5 miles with 894 ft of climbing and 4h 30 in the saddle.

Run 17.66 miles with 660 ft of climb in 2h 54.

I’m really looking forward to Cycle 2 and pushing it a bit more.

Winter base+ week one

A successfull start to my 20 week trg programme.

The first thing I did was get base measures so I could calculate paces and HR for the run and bike.  I used the turbo for the bike test so I can take the test again in the same conditions.  I used the Kirkcaldy park run to calculate paces for the running and got a PB for the course even though the conditions were not ideal.  These tests will be repeated in week 5 and every 5th week thereafter.

This was a base week so not too punishing but with a couple of hard rides and runs nonetheless.  Totals for the week were:

Bike 91 miles 7 h 2400 ft

Run 18 miles 3 h 627 ft