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Quebec training week 14

A very satisfying week culminating in an off road duathlon.

An easy week but I still got my Monday interval session in.  Apart from the race this was the most important session of the week.

Running miles 19 inc 2 x 2.8 miles in the duathlon (23:18 and 25:26 with 230 feet each time) Total climb 800 feet.

Biking 66miles inc 11 miles and 1500 feet in the duathlon total climb 4000.


Xtrg 2 yoga sessions 1 core, 1 weights and 1 massage.


Apollo Duathlon week

An easy week for me this week with an off road duathlon at the end of it.

Total training for the week was 3 yoga classes, 2 weights sessions I ran 12.7 miles in 1h 50 with 881 ft of climbing and biked 46.5 miles in  5h25m with 2065ft of climbing.

The review of the race is on this site as is a blog on a trip to Edinburgh with Carol.

Apollo Duathlon-Race review

The Apollo duathlon is set in the Cairngorms in the Balmoral estate a more scenic race you could not ask for.  It is an off road duathlon with the first run billed as 6K the Bike as 16K and the second run as 4K.  Not what my garmin told me but hey ho that’s not unusual.

The race starts at 09:30 so an early rise if you elect to drive up from Fife on the day.  The first run takes you along past the castle and by the riverside you continus along estate roads till you start climbing and from then on its a mix of forest trails and landrover tracks quite good surface to run on with the occasional root and boulder to watch out for.  Distance 3.92miles, Climb 315 ft and Time 31:09

The bike started out on the estate roads again and went past the castle and the turn off point for the run and headed out towards Lochnagar looking splendid in a cloak of sparkling snow.  The ascent was over a mix of terrain sand, granite boulders and more estate roads but the descent was a lot better mainly on forest tracks.  Distance 9.75miles, climb 651ft and Time 54:47.

The second run was over the same route as the first with some cut off.  Dist 3.03 mile, Climb 321ft and time 25:46.


The best laid plans!

Sunday March 27th.  Stirling.  Scottish water Duathlon Champs.  At last the day had arrived and I headed to Stirling in  a buoyant mood.

With 20 weeks training under my belt and selection of run and bike PB’s I was quietly confident of beating last years time.  As I headed into ever darkening skies and a light rain my mood got as dark as the skies.

As I squelched across the playing fields to the start of the Standard distance race my heart start racing and my spirits lifted.  The race started under grey skies and I settled into a good pace.  Run 1 is four laps of a mainly road course but unfortunately the off road parts were muddy and churned up by the events which has gone before ours.  It was a case of slipping and sliding your way through them.  Running without my Garmin which had failed before the start I tried as much as possible to judge my pace and time for the run and thought I was at least on time but as the laps were done I could sense that my pace was going the same way as my footing….slipping!  Run 1 time 50:25 2:10 slower than last year.

I ran into transition donned my helmet and shoes and made my way to the mount point.  As I turned out of the University the wind and rain hit me for the first time.  The rain did not last long and soon the wind died down to a manageable breeze.  The bike section is a 2 lap 42K  long undulating course and one I quite like.  I got into a steady cadence pushing a big gear and at the start of the second lap reckoned I was about 5 mins ahead of last years time.  Back on the open road after the return through the university and I turned into heavy rain driven by a strong wind and although the rain stopped the wind remained and that was the case till the end of the bike leg.  Far from being 5 mins ahead I found that I was slower than last year on the bike as well.  42K 1:34:24 2:07 slower than last years time.

Bike racked, helmet off and back on the run course which was in even worse condition 2 laps 5K 26:55 2:30 slower than last year.

Not a good day at the office!


Race review:Aboyne Duathlon

Organised by Aberdeenshire council the Aboyne duathlon has 2 races, the little one with a 2.7 mile run a 9 mile bike and another 2.7 mile run, the large duathlon adds an extra lap of the bike course making it just over 18 miles.

I had decided to travel up to this to get an event in before Stirling.  Well run and laid out with showers and changing available at Aboyne academy the run and bike routes are flat and well marked.  The bike route sticks to the classic left turn only and it is when you are coming into T2 that you have to cross the road.

I had aimed for 1:45-1:50 and my time was 1:49:10 within my target but I wasn’t very happy.  I was particularly unhappy with my run to bike and my bike av speed.  Something to work on which was the whole idea of going up there anyway.  From that angle the day was a success.

The Aberdeenshire council run a series of races and if it wasn’t for the distance it would be worth going to them all.

Winter base+ week 15

Final test week before the start of the final training cycle for Stirling.  With a break booked in York I did the bike test on Monday and finally took my Ridley off the turbo.  Next test will be race day!!


Bike 27.8 miles in 2h with 0 feet of climbing

Run 11.5 miles in 1h58 with 348 ft of climbing.

Results of the final tests were very good with my second best time on the Kirkcaldy park run and an average of 27.7 mph on my bike test.  Four weeks of training to go before the big day with a duathlon in a week to test race fitness.

Winter base+ Week 14

Another hard week training.  Spent time doing admin and focusing on the last 5 week block before Stirling.  I have decided that, if possible I will enter a race before Stirling just to test and adjust my kit.

Three pounds lost this week without much trying on my part!



Run- 22.5 miles, the weather made it almost a waste of time trying to do efforts but try I did, in 3h 52m with 550 ft of climb.

Bike-64.5 miles in 5h 39m 2150 ft.