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Quebec training week 7.

Another hot week though not as relentless as the last few.  I am really loving this weather.  Early runs are the key then a nice relaxing time for the rest of the day!!

Another good week of running and cross training done.  Weight continues to drop off just 1 or 2 pounds a week but this happening without any real effort on my part and it is staying off!

Running :26 miles with almost 1800 feet of climb.

Biking : 84 miles with 3900 feet of climbing.

A good week, Intervals were 800’s again 5 of them this time, really liking this aspect of my running.  Intervals were never a favourite of mine but it looks like this might change.  Long run this week 15 miles although I had planned to leave early I did not get out quite as early as planned!20180701_124833

One of my bike rides was piloting for Talking Tandems a charity I am involved with and was a very enjoyable day even with mechanical problems on the tandem!

I also attended two yoga and one core class.

Quebec training week 1.

The first week of full marathon training is done and dusted!

I am following a programme of my own designed to fit in with my life and my schedule.  The problem with a lot of web or written schedules is they take no account of “real” life problems and leave the runner stressing out about missed runs or lack of progress.

Tip No 1 include cross training.

Week 1:

Cross training: Hiked up a munro.  Nine miles and 3100 feet great day and good way to relax.  Biked the Applecross circuit 44 miles and 4500 feet of climbing.  One yoga session and one core session.

Running:  Four runs total of 20.3 miles 1,204 feet in 3h 19m.

One interval run one park run(24:16) and 2 easy runs.

I shall be building over 3 weeks and having a shorter week every 4th week.

Winter Base+ Week 12

Another week of good training in.  Made all the intense cycling sessions but due to a mechanical Wednesdays easy bike was curtailed.  Running wise I did 2 intense sessions as this is bike hell week ststs:

Bike 93 miles 8h 1109 ft of climb

Run 18.5 miles 3 h with 721 ft of climb.

Looking at last years stats I was much more run biased but the dual total is almost the same.

Decking, paint shortage, DIY and S Fry Esq!

A new week and nearly October where has the last few months gone.  I seem to have done so much lifes good!!!

I thought I would go out for a BRO (big ring only) ride and try some overgeared climbing a wee celebration at having entered the 2015 Marmotte!  Twenty eight miles and 1300 ft of climbing later my legs were telling me that it wasnt such a good idea!  However after my yoga class my legs felt a lot better and I did get a good sleep.

With the decking now complete I decided that I had better get some treatment on it before the weather closed in and it was impossible to paint.  I trotted off to B & Q and purchased a tin of decking seal, 20sqm two coats sir, ha never even made one coat and I was left with a bare patch about 4 ft long on two of the boards!  However with good weather forecast for the rest of the week I knew I would have time to give the decking another coat so when in doubt do 6x800m with 400 recovery, a resistance session (veasy on legs) and a yoga class!  Those combined with some TLC from Muff and things were looking good and feeling fine.

Weds is my rest day this week although you would not think it.  I helped Muff in her garden then shifted slabs, edging stones and gravel to Zoe’s.  Oh and I managed to get the bare decking sealed.  In the evening we went to the cinema to see Stephen Fry live beamed all over the world from The Festival hall.  We arrived to an empty theatre and by the start there was only 14 seats full!  People watching is a favourite pastime for us and you would think that in an almost empty cinema there would not be much to watch however human nature being human nature meant there was a little drama unfolding which was hilarious to watch.  Normally tickets are not printed with seat numbers however tonigh they were.  Muff and I being rebels decided that we would take a different seat than that on the tickets.  Others were coming in and going to the “nomnated” seat.  Two ladies did the same as us and settled into thier seats only to be moved on by the correct seat holders, this in an empty cinema.  No sooner had they settled in another two seats and they were moved on again!!  This time they took a lot at thier tickets and sat in the “correct” seats.  We were sitting laughing.

Frys show was good, a plug for his new book with no punches pulled.