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Winter Base+ Week 12

Another week of good training in.  Made all the intense cycling sessions but due to a mechanical Wednesdays easy bike was curtailed.  Running wise I did 2 intense sessions as this is bike hell week ststs:

Bike 93 miles 8h 1109 ft of climb

Run 18.5 miles 3 h with 721 ft of climb.

Looking at last years stats I was much more run biased but the dual total is almost the same.

Winter base+ week 10

Half way through the Base+ schedule.  Things have gone really well.  This weeks tests were 50/50 bike test did not show any improvement but the running test got me a new PB over the Kirkcaldy park run course.

A really easy week with 7 sessions in total 2 resistance sessions 1 yoga 2 bikes and 2 runs.  Really pleased how things worked out though as achilles seems to be well on the mend.  This week also made me think about something else the periodised year.  Most schedules from the likes of Freil et al the super coaching gurus will put you on a periodised year depending on A, B and C races this year will have 1 possibly 2 long lay offs for recovery or to help avoid staleness.  I believe that if Winter base+ was extended to the full year s that the year was divided into 10×5 week cycles that would allow you to race all year and remain fit and healthy.  I shall give this more thought and make a decision in March as to how I shall proceed.

Anyway the stats for last week:

Bike 40.8 miles 3 h and 1200 ft

Run 7.5 miles 1h 200ft

A new addition.

When I retired I always thought that I would get a dog to take up the hills and go running with.  Actual retirement though has made me treasure my time and I try to put as much into my day as I can, of course there is still all the domestic stuff but I manage to shove that to one side and have a cleaning blitz or shopping frenzy when I need to.  The rest of my time is spent training myself, training others or travelling.  I soon realised that I just didn’t have time for a dog and left things there.  Now after 18 months of retirement with my major trips over I had a rethink.  The other problem with a dog was that I did not want to trot along behind with a poo bag and as far as I was concerned if I wouldn’t do that then no dog!  So I looked on  web for cats and got a cat from the Cats protection league.  A 3yo grey and white short hair neutered, chipped and good to go.  That was over a month ago.

With new cats the normal practice is to keep them in, some organisations recc up to 6 weeks, so that they get to know their new home and let them outdoors on a harness/lead.  After much debate and advice we thought  

 Rupert was ready to try the big wide world so last Sunday with the help of Zoe I managed to get the contraption on and took him outside not a great success as all he wanted to do was sit on the windowsill looking in!

I decided to leave the harness on and just remove the lead but it proved impossible to get the lead back on so after a few days and again with help I managed to get the harness off!  I began to let him out without the lead and just stay with him everything seemed to be fine he was wandering about sniffing and climbing but not going too far then coming back in via the cat flap so far so good!

I then left the flap unlocked so he could use it any time he wanted and out he went only this time he never came back!  Carol was there at the time and we both went out calling his name and wafting a bit of ham around but there was no sign.

After printing leaflets, posting on facebook and informing vets and cat organisations there was still no sign of him.  He went missing approx  9;30 on 26th Nov.  I did have calls and messages of concern quite heartwarming actually and was surprised how attached I had grown to him in 3 short weeks.  Breakthrough 30th Nov a phonecall from a lady across the street and a few doors up she had seen Rupert but he would not come near to her.  So, armed with ham, torch and a cat basket I ventured forth at 1030pm hoping no one would call the police!

I tracked him down and he looked like one cold, hungry bedraggled pussycat!  I lured him into his basket with some ham and got him home.  He has been back for a few days now and I think he has take his lesson to heart.  He follows me around all day and is constantly after attention.  But it’s good to have him back!  Here he is studying the lie of the land for his next adventure!



Winter base+ week one

A successfull start to my 20 week trg programme.

The first thing I did was get base measures so I could calculate paces and HR for the run and bike.  I used the turbo for the bike test so I can take the test again in the same conditions.  I used the Kirkcaldy park run to calculate paces for the running and got a PB for the course even though the conditions were not ideal.  These tests will be repeated in week 5 and every 5th week thereafter.

This was a base week so not too punishing but with a couple of hard rides and runs nonetheless.  Totals for the week were:

Bike 91 miles 7 h 2400 ft

Run 18 miles 3 h 627 ft

Training for the Great Wall of China marathon.

A-Z G=Great wall of China Marathon.

If you have thought about this race you may have searched you tube and watched the videos, googled sites and looked at timings or searched for blogs of previous runners in the event.  All will have told you the same thing its a hard event not to be taken lightly although, by some of the videos some have and crashed and burned!

In my mind the wall presents two basic problems first and foremost the steps and secondly marathon pace.  How do you train for 5000+ steps in a 6k stretch?  In my case I began running more and more often on a local coastal path, The Fife Coastal Path, heading East from my hometown there are several large flight of steps one in particular near the Harbourmasters House in Dysart.  Seventy three, uneven stone steps of different sizes excellent practice.  Reps it is then!!

How do you calculate marathon pace?  I didn’t even try.  I am using  standard marathon trg programme with the following changes: I limited speed work to 100m pick ups every week and with seven weeks to go have started doing a track session every week.  LSD runs are even slower than normal and with extra layers on to get more time on my feet and try to simulate running in the heat. Of course the plans of mice and man as they say.  We will have to wait and see how things go on the day!

A long run on the Fife Coastal Path

A point to point long run is so much better than running in loops and it was with that in mind that i decided to hop on a train on Saturday and go to North Queensferry and run home to Kirkcaldy approx 20 miles.

An early rise, breakfast of toast and jam a beetroot and a cup of tea and I was off for the 07:26 train.  Forecast was for high winds and rain so I packed an extra layer and a pair of waterproof trousers in my camelbak.  Also in my pack I had rice cakes spread with peanut butter my nutrition plan was to stop every 5 miles and have a rice cake and peanut butter sandwich fluid was water only.

Train arrd just before 9 and I set off down the hill heading for the water.  The FCP is in general well signed and you need to make a sharp left turn coming down the hill to get on it.  At NQ you are right underneath the iconic Forth rail bridge an amazing view if you have not been up close to it before.

Gloomy morning

The first  part of the trail is uphill on a bouldery  well defined and used path towards an old quarry and nature reserve.  On the cliff is a modern home totally out of place but designed to make use of the light and view.

It is not long and you are rounding the point and coming into Inverkeithing not a pretty sight at first but as you head into the village some old buildings come into view and it’s obvious that at some point in history Inverkeithing was more than an overspill from Edinburgh and a rail stop. The nutrition plan had failed me on this occasion and with just 2 miles in I popped into a shop and bought a mars bar which I nibbled on like a wee field mouse for about the next 10 miles!  Necessity? Crutch? Placebo?  Leaving Inverkeithing you come to a long flat straight and with the wind at my back this was prob the fastest stretch of the whole day such a shame it was so short!

The commuter village of Dalgety bay then comes into view with St Davids Harbour, Downing Point and Donibristle bay all forming this part of the coast.  At this point I stopped for my first rice cake.  Five miles in and the forecasted wind and rain was begining to make an appearance.  I could see across the bay to Braefoot Point and ships at the marine terminal getting loaded with thier cargo.  I set off again, the path hugging the coastline past “the” beach where all the problems with radioactive waste have surfaced, excuse the pun!  Up a slight rise to St Bridgets Church.

You then head along a wide tarmaced path which takes you towards Braefoot Bay terminal and Aberdour.  You run through some of the village and then back down towards the shore following the signs takes you to a narrow steep staircase not recc with bikes which brings you out at a plateau above Hawkcraig Point  you then descend  and follow the path leading to Silversands.  Leaving Aberdour the rain came on heavier than previously and I sought shelter at 10 miles for another rice cake and the last of the mars bar.  Under the railway  and towards Burntisland past a lovely wee waterfall  and onward into the second “industrial” village  on the route.Heavily industrialised at one time, the dock area is still very much an eyesore  but the path along past the leisure centre and beach is pleasent.  At the end of this there is an option to take a low tide route this cuts out a boring road section luckily the tide was out and I managed to get along the sand from Burntisland to Kighorn beach.  At the beach the small cafe was open and I purchased a cup of tea to have with my third and final rice cake sandwich.  Fifteen miles in and although slightly cold my legs were fine and it was brightening up!

Time for the final push from Kinghorn to Kirkcaldy.  This is a section I have ran on many times and although scenic it does tend to be muddy and is quite undulating, but feeling good and with a spring in my step the milees were eaten up and I was soon  approaching  Kirkcaldy prom and home.  

Distance-20 miles Av pace-9:39 Climb-1557ft Time-3:13


Kirkcaldy Film Festival

The KFF was on at the AdamSmith theatre from 19th-21st September.  This was the second year of the festival but the first time that we had attended.

Alan Morrison the artistic director chose an excellent selection of films. There seemed to be two themes the First WW and Fife.

Friday-The first film Carol and I went to see was a showing of The Winter Guest directed by Alan Rickman and filmed in the East Nuek of Fife.  It starred mother and daughter Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson, playing a mother and daughter!  The movie follows four sets of characters and the interaction between them over a 24 hour period. Touching and funny well worth seeing I cant believe I have not seen it before. Home and changed for the second movie of the day a showing of Woody Allens 2014 0ffering Magic in the Moonlight starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone.  Set in the 1920’s on the French Riviera its a witty movie with lovely locations and costumes.

Saturday-I went to the first movie alone a showing of Fife’s Paul Wrights debut big screen movie For those in peril.  This is a hard hitting film without any special effects other than the location and camera work.  The evening film was a gala screening of Goldfinger on it’s 50th anniversary.  Carols daughter Zoe was with us and the ladies were all togged up unfortunately I could not hire a tux and let the side down!

Sunday-A first for the KFF with a preview of What we did on our holiday which would get it’s London premier the FOLLOWING evening! I wont spoil the movie for you suffice to say its an amazing film and we will have to see it again we missed so many one liners cos we were laughing at the last one.

An excellent 3 days and an event that will be penciled in on my cal for next year although how they will equal never mind surpass this years programme is beyong me!