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Quebec training week 16.

Not a great week.  My shoulder had got worse from my bike crash a few weeks ago so in the end I decided to go to the doctors.  I was given painkillers, sent for an x-ray and told no yoga or pilates for 2 weeks.  I was to avoid anything that will irritate my shoulder.

Running miles 27 with 1700 feet of climb.

Biking miles 31 with 1800 feet of climb.

Heeding the doctors advice, apart from stuff at home, I did no classes or weight sessions.


Quebec training week 14

A very satisfying week culminating in an off road duathlon.

An easy week but I still got my Monday interval session in.  Apart from the race this was the most important session of the week.

Running miles 19 inc 2 x 2.8 miles in the duathlon (23:18 and 25:26 with 230 feet each time) Total climb 800 feet.

Biking 66miles inc 11 miles and 1500 feet in the duathlon total climb 4000.


Xtrg 2 yoga sessions 1 core, 1 weights and 1 massage.

Quebec training week 13

Unlucky 13 or just disorganised?  Not a good week still managed the most important sessions of the week and that’s what matters.  I am feeling lighter o my feet and running faster is becoming easier.

Running miles 15 with 600 feet of climbing.

Bike 29 miles and 1500 feet climbing.

Cross training completed 2 yoga, 2 core, 1 pilates and 1 weights session.

Quebec training week 5

It has been unusually hot in Scotland this past week and I do not do well in the heat.  However a good week of training was done and a fair bit of relaxing in the sun!

Run: 19 miles with 1125 feet of climbing this included a park run of 23:07 1:14 quicker than 1 month ago.  I was well pleased with that time.  It is the second best run at my home park run.

Bike: 60 miles with 3500 feet of climbing.

I did 2 yoga classes and 1 pilates class.  Core and resistance have been missing from my training for a short while due to shoulder pain but I have a had a steroid injection and am going to try a core class and some light resistance work next week.


Quebec training week 4.

A full this week with a lot of calendar items whoever said you have plenty time when you retire need to withdraw that statement.

A good week where the mileage target was met again and all the run objectives were met.

Run 4 runs totalling 26 miles with 1700 feet of climbing.  I have introduced 400’s into my training and can feel myself getting faster after only 4 weeks.


Bike.  Two rides one with Talking Tandems totalling 46 miles and 2000ft of climbing.

I also did 1 pilates and 1 yoga class with 1 core gym class.


How do I write my training plan?

Overall youhave a window of training time to take you to your target race.  Say 16 weeks.

You should then break the 16 weeks down to phases- Base, buildup, peaking and race week.

The lengths of each phase will depend on time available till your race and any weakness you have possibly identified from previous performances.

Then its time for the nitty gritty the weekly plan.

I realise the way I do this just wont suit everyone but here is my scheduling routine usually done on a Saturday or Sunday night and remember this comes after you have identified the length of phases so you know what phase you are in!

First off I do it on paper I have a yearly planner spiral bound so I can use the back of the previous weeks plan for notes.

I check the weather forecast for the week and  then lay out my perfect week.

This will generally consist of 3-6 runs depending on race plans and phase.  Three yoga and 1 pilates class.  Three core classes and 2-4 home core/yoga/stretching sessions.  Two resistance sessions and finally 2-4 bike rides.

That’s it my dream week and I manage one of those every 4-6 weeks because people shit happens!  Might not even be your fault one of my local gyms recently had its roof collapse!

Plan your week, execute what you can, don’t cram what you missed into next week!

AND  I always have 1 day off!


Pre Quebec training week 3

Another good week, I even managed to fit in a local short race.  Plan for the week was once more 15 miles running, 50 on the bike, 2 yoga and 1 pilates class.


Actual training was 14.6 miles running with 830 feet of climbing.  The runs included 1 race 1 400m interval sessions and 1 easy run all in great weather.

Cycling total was 51.5 miles with 3100 feet of climb once more in great weather.

The yoga and pilates classes were all good some new poses in the yoga and a stand in tutor in the pilates its good to have a change as all the teachers have different ideas.


Next week is my last week of “prep” training.