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Winter base+ week 16

The first week of the last training cycle before the Scottish duathlon champs at Stirling.  It turned out to be an eventful and very busy week and that would be without the training!

Training has gone up a gear intensity wise and I can feel the difference.  More attention to protein foods and shakes and better compression protocols are helping keep everything together and hopefully I will be lining up at Stirling in  top condition.

The stats:Bike 85.4 miles in 6h 46 with 4800 ft of climb.

Run 30 miles in 4h 41 with 1303 ft of climb.


I got the Ridley out this week and to be out on the open road after a winter of turbo felt absolutely amazing!  I have increased my training paces on the run and feel a lightness coming in again.


Lazy days, christmas shopping and preparing for Eden.

One of the advantages of A. Being retired and B. Having a challenge like an A-Z of marathons to run means that you can treat some of the marathons lets say with less urgency or importance than others and experiment with rest periods etc.

I had promised myself an easy week with no biking and 1 or two runs.  I had one session in the gym and 2 home sessions of yoga.  Diet wise I ate more protein than I generally would and intend continuing with that till Saturday.  On Weds I went to a local outlet centre with Muff and did some Xmas shopping not much but at least its a start, usually by now I have everything bought and wrapped ready for distribution!

A nice long lie on Thursday morning will be the last until next Tuesday with a lot of travelling and trains to catch.  I plan to get to London and spend Friday afternoon at the Imperial War Museum I stay in London on Friday then train it to St Austell on Saturday with the marathon on Sunday and a 0530 rise on Monday for the train back to Kirkcaldy.