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A new addition.

When I retired I always thought that I would get a dog to take up the hills and go running with.  Actual retirement though has made me treasure my time and I try to put as much into my day as I can, of course there is still all the domestic stuff but I manage to shove that to one side and have a cleaning blitz or shopping frenzy when I need to.  The rest of my time is spent training myself, training others or travelling.  I soon realised that I just didn’t have time for a dog and left things there.  Now after 18 months of retirement with my major trips over I had a rethink.  The other problem with a dog was that I did not want to trot along behind with a poo bag and as far as I was concerned if I wouldn’t do that then no dog!  So I looked on  web for cats and got a cat from the Cats protection league.  A 3yo grey and white short hair neutered, chipped and good to go.  That was over a month ago.

With new cats the normal practice is to keep them in, some organisations recc up to 6 weeks, so that they get to know their new home and let them outdoors on a harness/lead.  After much debate and advice we thought  

 Rupert was ready to try the big wide world so last Sunday with the help of Zoe I managed to get the contraption on and took him outside not a great success as all he wanted to do was sit on the windowsill looking in!

I decided to leave the harness on and just remove the lead but it proved impossible to get the lead back on so after a few days and again with help I managed to get the harness off!  I began to let him out without the lead and just stay with him everything seemed to be fine he was wandering about sniffing and climbing but not going too far then coming back in via the cat flap so far so good!

I then left the flap unlocked so he could use it any time he wanted and out he went only this time he never came back!  Carol was there at the time and we both went out calling his name and wafting a bit of ham around but there was no sign.

After printing leaflets, posting on facebook and informing vets and cat organisations there was still no sign of him.  He went missing approx  9;30 on 26th Nov.  I did have calls and messages of concern quite heartwarming actually and was surprised how attached I had grown to him in 3 short weeks.  Breakthrough 30th Nov a phonecall from a lady across the street and a few doors up she had seen Rupert but he would not come near to her.  So, armed with ham, torch and a cat basket I ventured forth at 1030pm hoping no one would call the police!

I tracked him down and he looked like one cold, hungry bedraggled pussycat!  I lured him into his basket with some ham and got him home.  He has been back for a few days now and I think he has take his lesson to heart.  He follows me around all day and is constantly after attention.  But it’s good to have him back!  Here he is studying the lie of the land for his next adventure!