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Shoe review-Brooks Neuro

I wont bore you with the technical details you can get all that from Brooks lets look at the important things!

Looks:  A bright pair of shoes.  Not in the fluorescent all over way but a pink diamond pattern almost resembling snake skin! Black laces with web straps rather than lace holes.

Fit: I went for the woman’s eight,  oops that might have something to do with the pink colour then!!, Brooks have been wide on me in the past and a mens nine is too big so I decided to try a woman’s eight and although the fit is too tight with thick socks they fit really well with a thin pair on.  The uppers almost wrap themselves around my feet.

The run: Light and agile with the sole pods providing plenty of power transfer.  The sole is similar to the old Reebok soles.  Not a shoe to take off road or even on tony paths as stones get picked up in the sole unit.

Verdict: Good shoes doing the rounds on sale at he mo grab a bargain!


Winter Base+ Resurrected

In 2013 I wrote “So I devised Winter base +.  Four four week blocks of running and cycling my aim to toe the line at Stirling for the Scottish Duathlon Champs in the best shape I can.  Each four week block consists of Week 1 a balanced week with 2 or 3 hard sessions of each sport, week 2 is “Bike hell”  imagine being on a training camp in Mallorca minus the sun, minus the afternoon naps and minus lying by the pool add in 2 or 3 hard run session and you are getting the idea its hard!!  Week 3 another balanced week then week four is a repeat of two only its “Run hell”. ”

Unfortunately due to injury and illness I was unable to carry this schedule out in time to prepare for Stirling 2014.  I have decided to resurrect this for the 2016 race with a few changes. The full schedule will be 20 weeks with 4 blocks of 5 weeks the extra week at the end of the block will be used for recovery and testing.  I will then be left with 1 week to taper to the race.  After the race I shall rest for 2 weeks and start training for the Jungfrau as I will know by then if I have managed to get an entry.

Week one will begin on Monday the 2nd of November until them I will enter a maintenance phase.