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Quebec training week 19.

As I write this I have under a week to go until I toe the line for my Q marathon.

Week 19 training went as much as I expected except for the lack of yoga due to my shoulder problem.  An easy week was planned and that was what I had.

This close to a race I always get paranoid about my general health.  I wrap up well, stay away from long off road runs and limit time on the bike.

Running stats 14 miles run with 700 feet of climbing.

Biked 46 miles with 2600 feet of climbing.

Those of you following this blog for Quebec will notice that my training is not of the high mileage type.  This is mainly for two reasons:

1. To limit injury and overuse from runs longer than 2 hours.

2. With over 70 marathons and ultras to my credit I feel that intensity is the key.


Quebec training week 18

Not a great week at all!  I suppose it had to happen so I am not too concerned to have one bad week of marathon training in a 20 week schedule is pretty good.


Run an abysmal 13.5 miles with 1100 feet of climbing

Bike 105 miles with 6400 feet of climbing.

As I stand writing this my bad is on my bed half packed as this time next week Carol and I will be winging our way to Canada.

Bring it on!!!


Quebec training week 10

A great week of training culminating in a Kirkcaldy park run PB of 22:29!


As he running has picked up cross training sessions dropped this weeksomething I am determined to remedy over the next few weeks.

Totals for week 10 were:

Running 30 miles with 2000ft of climbing.

Biking 33 miles with 1500ft of climbing.

Two yoga sessions.

Quebec training week 6

The heat continues in Bella Scotia.  If anyone is any doubt that #scotlandisnow they just need to be here.  The beaches are amazing, the wildlife is out and the mood is one of intense optimism.  Just like my training at the moment.

There are comments appearing on FB running pages about the heat and how it is hampering training I have news for you there is always a way.  I hate running in the heat but you do everything possible to make it comfortable and safe.

Run when its cooler this may not always be at the beginning or end of the day there might be a cool patch at some other time.  Stay hydrated.  Carry water with you, 0r cash to buy some.  Run in loops sp you can rehydrate when required.

Embrace the heat!!!

Anyway how did this weeks training go?  Really good as it happens.  More running miles than planned more cross training than planned and more weight lost!

Total miles run was 23.6 miles with 1100 feet of climbing.  My intervals have increased from 400’s to 800’s and the long run is 12.5 miles.

Biking 120 miles with 6000 ft of climb.

1 core class and 3 yoga classes.

Pre Quebec training week 3

Another good week, I even managed to fit in a local short race.  Plan for the week was once more 15 miles running, 50 on the bike, 2 yoga and 1 pilates class.


Actual training was 14.6 miles running with 830 feet of climbing.  The runs included 1 race 1 400m interval sessions and 1 easy run all in great weather.

Cycling total was 51.5 miles with 3100 feet of climb once more in great weather.

The yoga and pilates classes were all good some new poses in the yoga and a stand in tutor in the pilates its good to have a change as all the teachers have different ideas.


Next week is my last week of “prep” training.

Pre Quebec training week 2

Week 2 May 7th to 13th.

Plan for week was 4 runs totalling 15 miles, 2 yoga sessions, 1 pilates session and 50+miles on the bike.

The weather during the week was about the best this year so far which meant that I was out on the bike more than planned.

The runs were 2 easy runs, 1 at Z3-Z5 and hill reps on a long shallow hill.  I normally really like running hills but found the session to be hard work, possibly because I have let this particular session disappear from my schedule.  No more!

Totals for the week:

Runs 15.2 miles 1000 ft of climb.

Bike 126 miles with 4100 ft of climb.

2 yoga and 1 pilates class.


A very good week.

My N marathon prep

The best laid plans etc etc.  I woke up on Thursday morning with a wee tickle at the back of my throat as the day wore on it got worse and worse and by 6;30pm and my Jog Scotland group run the last thing I wanted to do was run!  After the run I headed to Leven to spend the evening with Carol and ended up in bed for 10 after a bath and a hot toddy!

After a 10 hour sleep albeit disturbed I was feeling slightly better and headed home to do some tasks there and wait on Carols arrival for our trip to Edinburgh to visit her brother and see the Handlebards at the Botanics.  I may have thought I was feeling better but the urge to climb in bed for an afternoon nap meant otherwise.

A pleasant visit and tour of the new Black des res was followed by food and a cycle to the botanics for the oudoor performance by the “Bards”.

By the time we got back to Octavia St I was fading again and after another bath and hot toddy I was sound asleep for almost another 10 hours.

I woke up showered, packed and headed south.  I met Keith and Chris, old friends of mine from Sunderland, in Alnwick and spent some time with them before I set out in the car to check the route to the start and the parking.  With that done I headed to Alnwick YH where I am penning this.

Hopefully I will be able to report completion of my N marathon in my race review.